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Vasanth Dharmaraj
Software Developer with over 4 years development experience with solid skills encompassing the full software life cycle. Passion for learning new trends and technologies. Ability to understand problems and provide workable solutions and an excellent team player.

Steenweg Op Gierle, 117, Bus 7,
2300, Belgium. Mobile: +32 427 35668
FAX: +32 14 433968
HOME: +32 14 433968

Professional skills
Area Technologies
Language Java, C#, C++, VB
Technology J2EE, .Net, JCo (Java Connector for SAP), Barracuda (MVC Framework), Convera (Enterprise Search), Documentum (Enterprise Content Management), ATG Scenario Server
Web Technology HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, XSL, XSLT, CSS, ASP
Database Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server
Application Server ATG Dynamo(Java Application Server), ATG Portal Server, Weblogic(Java Application Server)
Tools JUnit, Jakarta ANT, Microsoft Visual Source Safe, PVCS, CVS, Eclipse, Visual Studio.Net, Visual SlickEdit
Professional Experience
Project TOPAMAX Migraine - Portal
Duration September 2003 - Till Date
Organization Valuesource NV, Belgium
Client Johnson and Johnson, Belgium
Technology J2EE, ATG Dynamo, XML Webservices, Convera, Documentum, ATG Scenario Server, ATG Portal Server
Tools Used Eclipse IDE, Ant

TOPAMAX Migraine - This is a portal based on the Globe for a specific product of J&J;, the TOPAMAX Migraine.
My Role: I developed and customized various gears (portlets) for this portal.

Project The Globe - Portal
Duration March 2003 - August 2003
Organization Valuesource NV, Belgium
Client Johnson and Johnson, Belgium
Technology J2EE, ATG Dynamo, XML Webservices, Convera, Documentum, ATG Scenario Server, ATG Portal Server
Tools Used Eclipse IDE, Ant

The Globe - The portal system developed on ATG Portal Server is designed to improve on an existing intranet (PGSM Net). This makes easier to learn in a structural way about worldwide plans for product introductions, about the best marketing experiences and about the latest growth opportunities for new and established products. Its use is expected to grow in to a natural extension of the office desktop environment and the most logical workflow and business tool within the company.
My Role: I developed various gears (portlets) for this portal. I helped design and develop a framework to be used for similar projects.

Project Central Business News
Duration September 2002 - February 2003
Organization Valuesource NV, Belgium
Client Johnson and Johnson, Belgium
Technology J2EE, ATG Dynamo, XML Webservices, Convera, ATG Scenario Server
Tools Used Eclipse IDE, Ant

CBN - Management of pharmaceutical news and information from multiple sources. The news is uploaded to the site from various J&J; locations in the US and Europe. Then the news is published to many subscribing intranet sites via XML feeds(Web Services).
My Role: I developed the part of the administration interface, designed and implemented the web services interface and developed a swing based file upload manager.

Project ENP Web Application
Duration July 2002 - August 2002
Organization Valuesource NV, Belgium
Client Johnson and Johnson, Belgium
Technology J2EE, Weblogic
Tools Used Together(for UML), Eclipse IDE, Ant

ENP - This is a web based application for maintaining references between Prevention codes and Johnson and Johnson Products. The users are the legal department.
My Role: I developed the complete application.

Project CHAINS
Duration Feb 2002 - June 2002
Organization Valuesource NV, Belgium
Client Johnson and Johnson, Belgium
Technology J2EE, Weblogic
Tools Used Together(for UML), JUnit, Eclipse IDE, Ant, Log4J, Barracuda

CHAINS - The application is used for netting and hedging of payables of J&J; companies around the world. J&J; Operating Companies should hedge the foreign currency exposures stated in their business plan. This foreign currency hedging eliminates changes in the company's future cash flows due to unfavourable changes in exchange rates.
My Role: I developed part of the web based interface and enterprise java beans for the system.

Project Call Analysis & Tracking
Duration November 2001 - January 20002
Organization Cognizant Technology Solutions, Chennai, India
Client AT&T, USA
Technology C++, UNIX, Sybase
Tools Used Rational Rose, Visual SlickEdit, Nmake

Call Analysis & Tracking - The application classifies all the call data into various product categories. Then the usage statistics are calculated and various reports are generated.
My Role: I was involved in redesigning the reporting system to accommodate the newer products and improve the usability of the reports.

Project Gemini (DDM - Next Generation)
Duration August 2000 - October2001
Organization Cognizant Technology Solutions, Chennai, India
Client Nielsen Media Research, Florida, USA
Technology EJB, JSP, Applets, Weblogic Application Server
Tools Used Rational Rose, Visual Cafe, Visual SlickEdit, JUnit, Ant, RapidSQL

Distributor Data Management Next Generation - Cable companies in US, provide channels to households at different frequencies. Nielsen requires details about the Cable companies and the channels provided by them, to bind audience to a particular program/Station. This system was used to enter and maintain these data.
My Role: I was involved in the projects entire life cycle. I worked on prototyping stage, detailed design phase, development and testing.

Project Intranet Media Portal - Media Zone
Duration May 2000 to July 2000
Organization Cognizant Technology Solutions, Chennai, India
Technology Java Script, HTML, and ASP
Database MS SQL 7.0
Web Server IIS 4.0

Media Zone - Media Zone is a vertical portal for media domain, which caters to various needs of the associates in NMR Offshore Business Unit. The site is a repository of Project related information. It provides learning materials, Intra Net Ratings, Contests, Media Certification program for associates in Media Business.
My Role: I was involved in Conceptualization of the project. I was in the design and development team of the portal.


Organization Cognizant Technology Solutions, Chennai, India

Quasar - National Customs Toolbox is a Web Based utility, which enables users to perform accurate and consistent check on the statistics produced by different products in NMR. It enhances the quality and speed of the verification process.
My Role: I developed ActiveX controls in VB to provide FTP functionality in the application.

Project Development of Laser Downstream Testing Tool
Duration August 1999 to March 2000
Organization Cognizant Technology Solutions, Chennai, India
Technology REXX
Database M204

LASER - Laser Downstream Testing Tool is a tool to test the impact of migrating a system from legacy system to client server architecture. The tool was coded in REXX the scripting language in MVS.
My Role: I developed panels for the tools user interface.

Open Source Effort
Project SolarEclipse
Technology Java, Eclipse Framework
Role Design & Development
Project Homepage

SolarEclipse - Working on a set of plug-ins for Eclipse IDE to facilitate Web Application Development and a set of XML tools. I contributed but supplying a complete editor for CSS with syntax highlighting and code completion.

Project Comparator
Technology .Net
Role Design & Development
Project Homepage

Comparator - Comparator is a tool to display any webpage using both Internet Explorer and Mozillas rendering engine. This is very useful for web developers targeting both the browsers. Supports advanced features like synchronized scrolling.

Academic Qualifications
Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering (1995-1999)
I have successfully completed my Bachelors degree in Engineering from Regional Engineering College, Trichy. I majored in Mechanical Engineering.

Technology Certificate Certifying Authority
Java Sun Certified Java Programmer Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Active Server Pages Active Server Pages Programmer Brainbench
HTML 4.0 HTML Programmer Brainbench

Training Attended Conducted By
JavaConnector for SAP SAP Belux, SAP, Belgium March 2002
Weblogic Object Pro, Chennai, India Aug 2000
Enterprise Java Beans Object Pro, Chennai, India Sep 2000
JAVA Cognizant Academy, CTS, India Jan 2000

These are the software/tools I developed.

Dot Net


Visual Basic

All Software comes "as is", with no warranties. None whatsoever. This means no express, implied or statutory warranty, including without limitation, warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or any warranty of title or non-infringement.

My Gadgets

Inspiron 8200
My laptop. Its has a 1.8GHz P4 processor, 512MB RAM, 64MB Video RAM powering an UXGA(1600x1200) screen. It comes with a CD-RW/DVD Drive.
The ultra cool MP3 player. It can store 10GB of music. Syncs with the PC via ultra fast Firewire. This contains my entire MP3 archive now!

Compaq iPaq 3650
My PDA. It does the usual stuff plus acts as my universal remote control, map and language translator. The possibilities are endless... Recently I am trying my hand in programming for this device using .Net Compact Framework.

Panasonic GD87
This is my first Clamshell and non Nokia phone. The display in a lot bigger than Nokia phones I had and a lot brighter. The resolution of the builtin camera is very less. The usability sucks! For example I cannot enter email addresses from the address book when sending MMS! Next time i am getting a Nokia! Panasonic GD87

Olympus Camedia C-900 ZOOM
My Digital Camera. It is a 1.3 Million Pixel camera. Some of the photos on this site are taken from this camera. It has a LCD display to view /delete the pictures taken. You can connect it directly to TV and view the images as slide show. Memory is smart media cards.

The ultra cool gaming console. The graphics and sound are really great! Plus it can double up as a DVD player. Check out my Xbox page.

XBOX 360 Ferrari Modena Steering Wheel
This controller is an exact replica of 360 Modena's steering! Its got cool F1 style gear shifts. It also has break and accleration on the steering column it self. This makes the pedals optional.
My brother Anand Dharmaraj, bought me this off my wish list.

D-Link DWL-810
The D-LinkAir DWL-810 is an Ethernet-to-Wireless Bridge that lets me connect my Xbox wirelessly to my home network.

Photo Scanner
This is an USB based tiny scanner just big enough to scan photos. I have a lot of photos, with this I can scan them all and archive them or publish them on the net!

WinTV Personal Video Recorder
A USB based TV Tuner card and Personal Video Recorder. I can watch TV on my laptop, use one touch recording, schedule tv programs to be recorded, play xbox, watch DVD via an external player!!! Wow!

4 in 1 Multi PC-Card Adapter
A PC Card reader which reads SmartMedia, MultiMediaCard, SD Card or Memory Stick cards. Its pretty cool I can use it to read memory cards with out any messy cables etc.

FlyLight USB Notebook Light
A cool light powered by USB, bright enough to light up the keyboard and not bright enough to disturb others. Very useful in airplane and meeting/presentation rooms.


Transparent laptop display?

Transparent Screen - e-jux
Originally uploaded by w00kie.Well it is not. The desktop wallpaper is a photo of the region behind the display. This makes the screen look transparent. Pretty cool. Check out more photos here.

SmartFeed: Podcasting client for Smartphone

There is another podcasting client for Windows Mobile Smartphone now. Check it out. It is free and open source. Just watch out for the bill if you are not on a flat rate GPRS plan.

Re-Imagining Apple

Business 2.0 has a photo essay on what products Apple can come up with. Very interesting. The images were created by Robert Brunner, who was Apple's chief designer from 1989 to 1996 and who oversaw the design of the PowerBook line.

Adidas shoe with a microprocessor

Check out the review of Adidas 1. This is the first commercial shoe with a built in microprocessor. The shoe will change the stiffness of the sole according to the task you perform. Interesting but at $250 it is very costly.

Cell phones don’t cause gas station fires!

A professor from University of Kent in the UK has proved that using cell phones in gas stations do not cause fire. He studied all 243 gas station fires from the past 11 years that were supposedly sparked by cell phones and determined that not a single one was actually caused by a handset.
Hmmm... I think myths like these spread fast because of the internet. I can see quite a few warning signs at gas stations not to use cell phones in Bangalore.

Yahoo to increase mail storage to 1GB

Yahoo have already increased the mail storage to 250MB in response to Gmail. But now there are further increasing it to 1GB finally matching Google's offering byte for byte. Should be interesting to see how they are going to let you fill the GB. I think this would become the common storage limit for all yahoo services like the recently aquired Flickr.

Credit card prank

Check out the Credit Card Prank II by John Hargrave. Very funny.

Airtel Broadband

I finally got an internet connection at home. I took the Speed 500 plan from Airtel Broadband. The plan is modeled after BSNL's offering. It is a DSL connection with 256Kbps bandwidth. There is a monthly data transfer cap of 1 GB. The plan costs Rs.500 per month.
Bandwidth tests show that it connects at about 220Kbps downstream and 191Kbps upstream. Their international bandwidth seems good as most US based sites load quickly. So far so good but I don't know about the 1 GB usage cap. It will probably get used up very quickly. The cost of additional usage is Rs.2 per MB! Thats is over Rs.2000 for another GB. That is insanely expensive. Let me see how it goes...

Eclipse wins Jolt 2005 award

Eclipse 3.0 was a Jolt Winner in the Languages and Development Environments category at this year’s Jolt Product Excellence and Productivity Awards. Also, the Java Developer’s Guide to Eclipse, Second Edition, by Jim D’Anjou, Scott Fairbrother, Dan Kehn, John Kellerman, and Pat McCarthy was a Productivity Winner in the Technical Books section. Source: Thanks to isaacxu for the tip. [eclipsepowered]

Which states in India have you been to?

States visited in India
Brought to you by pratibha75, quizling and teemus.
Which states in India have you been to?
Hmmm... There are a lot of states I have to visit.

Acid test for IE?

From slashdot: "The CTO of Opera has proposed a new version of the acid test for browser compatibility, and has challenged Microsoft to make IE7 a browser worth having that will do the Web good. He's asked to help from Web designers the world over to build a new page for Microsoft to test IE7 with to make sure it does everything Web designers want it to."
Actually the test is not yet up, so I could not check it on the existing browsers. Should be interesting to see how Firefox and Opera fares. I guess Opera would pass with flying colors as its CTO has designed it. ;-) Maybe not lets see.
But according to Microsoft Watch MS is only planning to add only some additional CSS2 support to IE 7.0. So I guess it will not pass the acid test. The main focus seems of IE7 seems to be security. Here is what they are looking at
Check out (feed). It is an aggregation of all Eclipse related blogs. It is created by Gunnar Wagenknecht. The eclipse category of my blog is also aggregated there. Should be interesting. Subscribed!

There is a new version of the Linux desktop distro Linspire (formerly know as Lindows) has a new release: Linspire Five-0. It is claimed to be the "World's Easiest Desktop Linux". Previously I had blogged about how nice the Linspire Live CD is. This time they have a combined CD which can act as a Live CD plus installation disk. Nice.
There is a new original theme this time. There is better support for WiFi in laptops with a new configuration utility. Lsongs and Lphoto are bundled. Interesting. Maybe if I get a free copy like the last time I will check it out. :-)